Frequently Asked Questions - Home Sellers

 07 12, 2017  

How is the real estate market right now?

How is the internet real estate market right now?

There are many market indicators in relation to the condition of the local real estate market.  One of the most important indicators on market conditions is average days on the market.

 03 02, 2017  

When is the best time to sell my home?

When is the best time to place free ad and to sell my home?

Every real estate market is different. Therefore, the best time to create an ad and to list your home for sell will be different from real estate community to real estate community.  In most cases, the spring months are the best time to be selling a home.

 03 02, 2017  

What steps should I take to prepare my home for sale?

A few simple suggestions prior listing your real estate ad for selling your home.
There are several things you need to know before placing and ad for your home for sale on our site! By not properly preparing a home for sale can put a home owner at a huge disadvantage.